So when I found out I qualified for free tuition here at OU, I was actually at home just playing with my dog Apollo. Man, I cannot describe the joy I felt in that moment. I was dancing around, running around with my dog around my entire house, and it was just such a great feeling of relief.

I was at home chilling with my mom. And I got this email, and it was like, you've been accepted to OU! I was like, yes! Because it was my top option. And then they were like, here goes some scholarships and I was like, yes! I was so happy and grateful.

It really lifted that weight off my shoulders of even being able to attend college in the first place, so the tuition guarantee is actually what made that possible.

Oh man, it's impacted me a lot. When I tell you this took a major weight off me. I can go through like my classes not even worrying about, how am I going to get this? When they talk about bills I'm like, I don't have to worry about it, it's all paid for. And all I have to do is go to my classes and do well.

One thing I'd encourage anyone to do is don't be afraid to ask questions, don't be afraid to contact the school's financial aid office. The most important thing is definitely to fill out the FAFSA.

My experience here has been, actually, the best. And I'm not lying to you just because, you know, I'm here talking to you right now. But it's been the best ever.

Don't wait, apply today.

Don't wait, apply today. That's what I did!

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At Oakland University, we have a responsibility to create pathways of opportunity for all students. That’s why we’re proud to offer FREE TUITION to eligible incoming Michigan first-year students.

With OU’s GOLDEN GUARANTEE, eligible incoming first-year students can attend OU free for four years. That means students can focus on their degree and their future — without worrying about how to pay for it.

Jameson wearing an O U sweatshirt and beanie looks towards the camera smiling.

“When I learned I qualified for the Golden Guarantee, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. OU was my dream school, and being accepted with free tuition was such an amazing feeling.”

Jameson Tierney, Sophomore, Criminal Justice major

Jaylin, wearing an O U jacket, stands with her arms crossed and smiling

“Receiving the Golden Guarantee played a huge role in my decision to attend OU. When I learned my tuition would be covered, I knew my dreams of going to college were possible.”

Jaylin Washington, Freshman, Biology major


OU Tuition
Gift Aid*

Remaining balance covered by the

Golden Guarantee

*Gift aid does not include the Geographic Region Award, or OU Housing Grant.

In combination with the Michigan Achievement Scholarship, OU merit and need-based aid can help to cover both tuition and other costs, such as housing and living expenses.

Our Net Price Calculator tool will provide you with a personalized estimate of attending Oakland University and take into account the scholarships and grants you may qualify for as a future Golden Grizzly.

To Qualify

  • Apply to OU (it's free) by July 1
  • Complete the FAFSA
  • We'll let you know if you qualify for the award via your official financial aid offer


  • First-time college students, who are Michigan residents, and recipients of the Michigan Achievement Scholarship
  • Family income of less than or equal to $70,000, and assets less than $50,000, as determined by the FAFSA